Dirt Biking Alone Is It Any Fun? (Plus Is It Safe to Dirt Bike On Your Own?)

Dirt Biking Alone Is It Any Fun

You might be wondering about dirt biking alone and whether dirt biking alone is fun or not. When I first started dirt biking, I did it mostly on my own and it was still a lot of fun for me, but you should consider your safety when dirt biking alone?

Dirt biking alone is fun but dangerous too, especially if you go trail riding alone. It’s not always easy to find a dirt bike riding buddy who is free at the same time as you, but if you ride alone there are safety risks as you may have an off-road accident with no one to help if you have a crash.

Should you go dirt biking alone?

It is okay to go dirt bike riding solo, but for your own safety only once you have had plenty of seat time on a bike. But before you go riding a dirt bike alone, make sure you can ride consistently without falling off and crashing over different types of terrain.

Can you dirt bike alone?

You can dirt bike alone if you’re struggling to find a dirt bike riding buddy to go with, but for your own safety make sure you let someone know where you’re going and what time to expect you back. If you let someone know where you’re dirt biking solo, if something goes wrong they will know to come looking for you should the worse happen.

The husband of a friend of my wife went dirt biking recently and had a bad accident and ended up in hospital with a ruptured bladder, broken ribs and a fractured pelvis. So accidents happen with dirt biking, so be safe if you go on some solo dirt biking adventures.

I used to go to motocross tracks with my dirt bike where other dirt bike riders go and marshals are there to help in the event of an accident. Going to a dirt biking motocross track may cost you an entry fee, but it’s great fun and you’ll meet other riders.

Is it dangerous to trail ride by yourself dirt bike?

There are bigger risks to trail riding alone because if you crash when you are on your own, you won’t have anyone around to help you. The dangers associated with trail riding alone are higher if you are consistently pushing the limits, as an incident is likely to happen sooner or later.

The dangers of trail riding alone come from the following:

  1. Divots or ruts you don’t notice until it’s too late.
  2. A tree or a tree root that you mis-judge.
  3. A jump you get wrong.
  4. Meeting someone else along the trail, which is more dangerous around a corner.
  5. Meeting someone on horseback.
  6. Hitting wildlife on the trail.

How to reduce the risks of dirt biking alone

If you decide you are going to go dirt biking on your own, there are a few important tips to follow in order to reduce these risks, as follows:

1. Tell someone where you are dirt biking alone

Before setting off on your solo dirt biking adventure tell someone you know that you are going. This can be a friend or family member who cares about you. Be sure to tell them where you are going and roughly how long you are going for.

Let this person know you’ll call them when you arrive safely at home, so they don’t worry about you.

2. Always take your phone when dirt biking alone

When you dirt bike alone you should always carry your phone with you in case something happens. Your phone could save your life if you crash and injure yourself badly, which can happen to even the most experienced dirt bike riders. A mobile phone may also come to your rescue if you break down too or run out of fuel, as you may be able to calla friend to find you if they also have a dirt bike.

3. Ride at a dirt bike track

It’s much safer if you are dirt bike riding alone to go to a dirt bike track where you’ll find other riders to help if something goes wrong. The added benefit of riding a a track is you’ll meet other dirt bike riders, so you won’t be alone.

4. Don’t push the limits when you’re dirt bike riding alone

If you are trail riding on your dirt bike, never push the limits and be extra careful. If you have an accident when you’re riding alone you may have to wait some time before someone finds you.

5. Limit the height of jumps

Jumping on a dirt bike is when crashes can happen more often, so limit how high or how far you jump when you’re dirt biking alone.

6. Don’t go too far off the beaten track

If you choose to dirt bike alone, make sure you don’t go too far away from civilisation, as the further you go the more chances are of not being found if you have a crash.

7. Maintain your dirt bike

If you plan to dirt bike ride solo, make sure your dirt bike is well maintained to avoid unnecessary breakdowns.

What to take when dirt biking alone

If you are to go dirt biking alone you should go prepared. Here is a list of what to take when dirt biking alone:

  1. Mobile phone: Always take your mobile phone will you in case you break down or have an accident.
  2. Hydration pack: Take a hydration pack or a large water bottle as dirt biking is thirsty work.
  3. Snacks: If you are well off the beaten track and far from any shops, you may get hungry and need a snack.
  4. Map: If you are trail riding alone on your dirt bike, take a map. Don’t rely on your mobile phone, as you may find you have no signal.
  5. Enough fuel: Make sure you have sufficient fuel to get you there and back.
  6. Tools: Take a few tools in case your chain comes off or some other minor breakdown happens which will allow you to fix it where you are.
  7. SPOT tracker: Spot trackers or SOT personal locators add that extra bit of safety, just in case you lose mobile phone signal. Get one that’s on a different network to your mobile phone. These devices can be used to send a text message to friends or family or they can have an SOS button with a relatively cheap insurance plan so you can have a helicopter find you and lift you to safety or hospital.
  8. Space blanket: If you have an accident a space blanket with keep you warm until help arrives. Keeping warm may save your life, as space blankets can trap up to 90% of radiated body heat.
  9. 2 meter radio: A 2 meter radio will probably work in places where a mobile phone may not if there’s no signal. Having a 2 meter radio is a good idea if you plan to go trail riding where there’s limited mobile phone signal.

Final thoughts on dirt biking solo

If you ride out for some solo adventures on your dirt bike, and if you choose some popular dirt bike tracks, it’s likely you’ll meet other dirt bike riders in any event. Dirt bike riders tend to be very friendly folk and are likely to welcome other trail users to have fun with.

If you love to ride your dirt bike and you can’t find a dirt bike riding buddy, it’s better to go dirt bike riding alone than not go at all. But if you are alone riding trails it’s best not to go too far out where there is no one to help if you get into trouble. Also, if you’re dirt bike riding solo, don’t push it too much, as this is when you are more likely to have a crash…crashing into trees or tree stumps hurts!

Riding alone is not boring, but it is

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Dirt Biking Alone Is It Any Fun? (Plus Is It Safe to Dirt Bike On Your Own?)
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