Riding Tips

What is rider sag on a dirt bike (Article in the dirt bike sag 101 series)

Rider sag on a dirt bike is the measurement of how much the forks and shocks compress. In this case it’s the measurement when you get on your dirt bike. This is also known as “total sag”. When we talk about sag, we are talking about how much your dirt bike “sags”. Or put this another way, and in particular with reference to “rider sag” it’s how much your shock absorber compresses when you are sat on the bike.

ATV vs Dirt Bike (What are the Pros and Cons of each sport)

My conclusion is that the pros of dirt bikes outweigh the cons vs the cons of 4-wheeler ATVs outweigh the pros. These ATV vs dirt bike pros and cons include comparisons over their safety; the cost of each vehicle; how easy they are to store and transport; the cost of running each vehicle; how easy they are to ride or learn to ride; plus more.

How much land do you need to build a motocross track? (On private property)

Motocross or scramble tracks on private property for your own use can start at roughly 1/2 acre. But you are best to acquire an area of land of an acre+ to create a reasonable sized personal motocross track. One acre of land will allow you to have features that include undulating land with dips, mounds and jumps. Planning permission may be required for the creation of the man-made jumps. Think about noise levels and the location of your motocross or scramble course.

Is Riding A Dirt Bike Good Exercise (What’s The Calorie Burn?)

The question ‘is riding a dirt bike good exercise‘ is easily answered yes. But why? The motocross sport, which is one type of dirt biking, is one of the toughest sports on the planet. Controlling a dirt bike around a motocross track will require you to use every muscle in your body. It’s a true workout, but fun at the same time.

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