How To Jump A Dirt Bike (And Control Your Bike In The Air)

How to jump a dirt bike and stay in control begins with starting out small. Before you jump your first jump, make sure you check the landing zone first. Ride over the jump on your bike slowly and not jumping first.

Then start by jumping a small amount to begin with and then progress to bigger and higher jumps. Be warned that dirt bike jumping is one of the biggest causes of dirt bike injuries. Make sure you have all the protective gear on beforehand.

How To Wheelie A Dirt Bike (Like A Pro And Not Fall Off)

How to wheelie your dirt bike is about finding your balance point and practicing loads. Find a long straight piece of land, but try to make it soft ground like grass or a sandy beach. But not a highway or you’ll get into trouble with the cops! Learn to balance the throttle and don’t be too aggressive. Keep your right foot over your rear brake to use if you go beyond the balance point. This will bring the front back down.

How To Find Neutral On A Dirt Bike (Easy Beginners Tips)

Neutral on a dirt bike is between first gear and second gear. How to find neutral on a dirt bike is about practice. It’s about getting used to a small nudge up with your foot to select neutral gear. If you feel a significant click you will have selected second gear instead. The trick is to kick down on the gear shift several times to select first gear. Then to feel for the slightest of clicks up into neutral.

How To Ride A Dirt Bike Step By Step (Beginners Guide To Ride Like A Pro)

How to ride a dirt bike step by step begins with how to start your bike. To do this select neutral or pull the clutch lever in completely. Neutral is between first and second gear on a dirt bike. You then need to learn how to shift gears and to know which gear you are in. This is partly about understanding the sound of the engine. Learning to ride a dirt bike is also about understanding the independent front and back brakes. It’s about how it’s best to use  the back brake as a beginner.

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